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Jean Monnetpark 55 7336 BB Apeldoorn     tel: 06 – 44 77 80 84


About Kemi Ra



Kémi Ra is a Dutch Consultancy organisation. Kémi Ra is specialized in the social-cultural aspects of immigration and integration. Kémi Ra aims to help ethnic groups to have a better life in the new societies and to contribute in a better future for these societies.

Ra. Ragaiy Sinout has studied master Migration and Integration Studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. His master thesis was titled: “Life between nostalgia and hope”. This thesis was focused on the attitudes of refugees towards the new societies and its people. Ragaiy works together with another enthusiastic professionals from ethnic groups in the Netherlands. These professionals share the ideals, the positive attitude and the hope on a good future in a peaceful world.


Kémi Ra gives consults and manages projects on the fields of:

  • Social-cultural Integration: understanding a normal human process.
  • Intercultural communications: working on positive attitudes.
  • Trans-Cultural dilemmas: the truth liberates.
  • Polarization and Radicalization; prevention is better than cure.


Kémi Ra has developed several methods to achieve optimal results for example:

“Transformers of understanding”
This method aims building a communication network of volunteers from local ethnic groups, who are willing to work on peace and reconciliation. These networks take care of an open communication to ethnic groups. Open communication will spread confidence in local systems. “Transformers of Understanding” is also a method to compete rumors.

“Keep on talking!”
A series of roundtable meetings between “key figures” from several ethnic groups. These meetings stimulate the participants to be involved in creating a better future for the local society.

Integration through Interaction!”
This is training for volunteers and professionals (specially natives) who are dealing with refugees and ethnic groups.